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A learning management system (LMS) is essential to create, document, track, automate and deliver training programs and educational courses in a mass deployment system. Using data analytics and real-time updates is perfect for individuals and Organisations who want to provide training and education in online mode. They can be instructor-led or video-based, along with other formats.

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We have you covered! Use our LMS for implementing L&D plans and tracking team performance. Collaborate with team members through built-in collaboration features for scheduling meetings, webinars & live classes. Get updated on progress made on assigned courses, assignments, and events through calendar and notifications. Assess progress using advanced assessment tools…


We have made it simple! Get your personal branded e-learning platform in a few simple clicks. Create your course in any form – video or ppt or text. Decide to make it. Make it self-paced or Instructor-led! Set assessments assignments and learning path. Monitor students’ enrolments, progress, and your revenue through simplified dashboards!…

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No matter how many employees you have or how geographically diverse they are, Acelot LMS makes it easy to organize and share courses with them all. Create a workforce path map to see which employees require which skills and choose the training courses accordingly to bridge the knowledge gap.

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Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The standard operating process is at the heart of creating efficiencies. Keep your entire organisation trained and updated on the latest SOP at the click of a button! With AcelotLMS, you can speed up the training process by creating and deploying a personalized training solution for your employees.

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Partners and channels determine the success of any brand. Management in the automobile sector can become chaos. Get everything in one place with AcelotLMS. Whether your employees are on the shop floor or in the offices, we are here to provide them with skills and training. Create a custom LMS for your partners with their specific trainings!

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Boost your employee engagement! With our LMS, welcoming new employees into your organisation is a breeze! Save time and money by eliminating planning, scheduling, and hosting onboarding events from the L&D calendar. Assign the material monitor progress and conduct quizzes to assess – all in a click! Find about all this and more in our easy-to-use feature-rich SaaS LMS.

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Employees must get compliance training if it is required by law, regulation, or corporate policy. It informs your staff on the rules and regulations that apply to their specific job function or sector. AcelotLMS provides you with easy and hassle-free compliance training to safeguard your company and key stakeholders. Find about all this and more in our easy-to-use feature-rich SaaS LMS.

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Meet and exceed your sales targets! Empower your salespeople by helping them learn on the go – anytime, anywhere. Share updated product info instantly with all. Conduct assessments for testing understanding. Build a formidable salesforce through easy and joyful learning. Find about all this and more in our easy-to-use feature-rich SaaS LMS.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the LMS provides full access to the entire platform to the trainer/administrator of the organization.

Yes, you can add your courses to the platform.

While most modules are grouped under a single plan, a few other modules, such as Acelot-provided courses, will carry a separate fee. Please visit here for more information.

We are an API-based platform. Our tech team will integrate your existing ERP systems, ensuring a smooth experience for your users.

Our application is hosted on AWS/Azure with complete cover through SSL. Our CDN-based data management keeps your data secure along with a robust

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