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A learning management system (LMS) is essential to create, document, track, automate and deliver training programs and educational courses in a mass deployment system. Using data analytics and real-time updates is perfect for individuals and Organisations who want to provide training and education in online mode. They can be instructor-led or video-based, along with other formats.

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Custom build for the unique needs of Corporates and Knowledge Owners


We have you covered! Use our LMS for implementing L&D plans and tracking team performance. Collaborate with team members through built-in collaboration features for scheduling meetings, webinars & live classes. Get updated on progress made on assigned courses, assignments, and events through calendar and notifications. Assess progress using advanced assessment tools…

Knowledge Owners

We have made it simple! Get your personal branded e-learning platform in a few simple clicks. Create your course in any form – video or ppt or text. Decide to make it. Make it self-paced or Instructor-led! Set assessments assignments and learning path. Monitor students’ enrolments, progress, and your revenue through simplified dashboards!…

Acelot LMS Features

Driving adoption of e-learning

Pillars of Acelot LMS

The complete suite of capabilities and features of the Acelot LMS, with room to grow.

Personalized & Localised

  • Learning path
  • Adaptive learning
  • Vernacular support
  • Custom Branding

Mastery based

  • Micro learning
  • Assessments / quiz to understand grasp on topics
  • Assignments
  • Structured Feedback

Social learning opportunities

  • Chats : 1:1 interactions / with instructor / with peer groups
  • Forums
  • Online - Instructor led trainings
  • Webinars

Morale and Engagement

  • Leader Boards - Points and Badges
  • Rewards and Recognistion
  • Team performance
  • Team rankings

Ease of content creation

  • AI driven course and content creation
  • Inputs from learner behaviour to Instructor for course improvements


  • Tax compliant invoice
  • Cart & Wishlist
  • Payment Integrations
  • Auto-Enrollment
  • eLearning course Catalogue
  • Coupons & Discounts


A list of the 100+ features available

  • Points, Badges, Levels, and Rewards
  • Leader board: Team & Individual Rankings
  • Certificate Publish to LinkedIn

  • Course Upload:- PDF/ Video (you tube/vimeo) / HTML 5
  • Lesson Access: Sequential or at random
  • Learning Path: set sequential courses as per proficiency
  • Quiz: Objective type quizzes for a quick mastery check
  • Assessment Create and attach to any course or keep them independent Assignment
  • Live Class recording management. Keep recordings of live classes in the course for later access by students.

  • Self Paced: Study in your own time and a place of your choice
  • Blended : self paced + Live clases
  • Live classes: Zoom Integration + Batch management
  • Certification: Digital; e-verifiable
  • Assessments + Exam (Proctored - on Request)
  • Interact: Chat with Admin / Trainer / Supervisor / Peer
  • Notifications: Get to Know what’s new or upcoming
  • Calendar with events integration
  • Assign (also in bulk) - Courses + Assessments
  • Learning Path: Define how a student access the courses
  • Custom Completion: Define how a course gets completed
  • Acelot Library: Get access to content from Acelot and experts for your employees at special rates

  • Create Custom pages: 4 options to choose from
  • White label: Get you site with ‘‘
  • Brand and Theme: Choose your brand color and customise layouts of menu as per user convenience

  • Courses - By Category / Subcategory / Type / Level
  • Create Instructors/Trainers
  • Custom roles and permissions: Can be Created
  • Organisation Heirarchy: Map to see progress in a go
  • White List by IP: Authorise access from designated hardware only

  • Enrolment: Course wise enrloment view
  • Active Users: Monthly logins and Time spent on learning
  • Course + Live classes: comprehensive data to guide
  • course adoption and completion rates.
  • Dashboard: Summary view of all you want to know
  • Team performance: See how your team is doing with a click

  • AWS Hosting: Seamless and secure data handling
  • SMTP server management: Its always your mail
  • Video streaming: You tube; Vimeo
  • Video management: Create your company account with us and enjoy complete protection of all your assets.
  • Collaboration: Zoom / gmeet
  • SSO: A single sign in will enable the access to our LMS

Custom Solutions

Use cases to address unique requirments By Industry and By Training

LMS features


Partners and channels determine the success of any brand. Management in the automobile sector can become chaos. Get everything in one place with AcelotLMS. Whether your employees are on the shop floor or in the offices, we are here to provide them with skills and training. Create a custom LMS for your partners with their specific trainings!

LMS features


Boost your employee engagement! With our LMS, welcoming new employees into your organisation is a breeze! Save time and money by eliminating planning, scheduling, and hosting onboarding events from the L&D calendar. Assign the material monitor progress and conduct quizzes to assess – all in a click! Find about all this and more in our easy-to-use feature-rich SaaS LMS.

Acelot Flagship

Our customers are at the centre of our solution, and their success is our only purpose.

Acelot Academy

Acelot Academy

Accelerating Career growth through Education, Learning, Occupational training and Technology

  • Career solution: AI Powered psychology based career design and guidance.
  • Study abroad: Tech-Enhanced full stack Support for Indian Students Studying Abroad.
  • Courses: Hunderds of courses from experts for continous skill enhancement.

Acelot for Corporate

Our bespoke programs are designed to cater to the exact needs of an organisation, focussing to skill employees at all levels in an organisation.

  • Trainings: Customised Skill training by Industry experts driving productivity.
  • People transformation: We create interventions to enhance organisation productivity.
Acelot for Corporate

Key LMS Features

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Software as a Service

You invest in learning we take care of technology

Platform as a Service

All hosting and data worries are answered

API Based Integrations

Real time & Secure data sync across systems

Cloud hosting

Enjoy flexibility & security of AWS hosting

Client Success Manager

We hand hold you all the way

Mobile Responsive

Learn anywhere without worries of device type

User Friendly

Intuitive Ul to guide you easily


Compete and win as you learn

Customised LMS

Get the look and feel of your brand

Advanced Reports

To help you take the right decisiosns

Virtual Classroom

Stay engaged with your learners


Connect with learners at scale

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, the LMS provides full access to the entire platform to the trainer/administrator of the organization.

Yes, you can add your courses to the platform.

Yes, Acelot can offer relevant courses as required by the organization/trainer. Our team of experienced trainers and online content creators will work with your organisation to create customised content as per your needs. Alternatively, you have access to the entire suite of courses on our platform to choose from. Get in contact at [email protected] for your organisational needs.

While most modules are grouped under a single plan, a few other modules, such as Acelot-provided courses, will carry a separate fee. Please visit here for more information.

We are an API-based platform. Our tech team will integrate your existing ERP systems, ensuring a smooth experience for your users.

Our application is hosted on AWS/Azure with complete cover through SSL. Our CDN-based data management keeps your data secure along with a robust

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