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We like to grow our family by serving our customers and providing them with the most affordable and easy to use solutions


How Acelot helps its Customers



Grow your Business


 As a partner you will be getting:

   Complete product training
  ► Life long earning from clients you onboard.

 You could be any of the three types of partner with us:

   Sales Associate: you pass a lead to us. On successful sale you get your one-time payout.
  ♦ Sales Partner: You close the deal and manage the client relationship. You get a onetime payout and a lifelong payout as long as the client is with us.
  ♦ Value Added Partner: You do all that a Sales Partner does and additionally work with your client for onboarding, training, and servicing client requests by coordinating with AA.




Who are our Customers?


  1. Individuals: Tutors, Teachers, Institutions who want to monetise their Knowledge  

  2. Corporations: Complete solution for their L&D needs




Lets connect and grow together !

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